Money Moves: Taking Control of Your Business' Finances MBN Webinar November 2023

Money Moves: Taking Control of Your Business’ Finances

Date: November 9th, 2023

Time: 12:00pm Eastern

Location: Virtual


Do you shy away from looking at your business’ bank account(s) because you’re scared to see what the balance might be? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the tracking and management that’s required for the financial component of your business? Or maybe you’re worried that you’re undercharging and are missing opportunities to make more money?

It could even be all of the above!

In this Lunch & Learn, financial professionals will share how you can take control of your money and feel good about your cash flow, regardless of the time of year.

About Our Speakers

Tania Pacheco is an experienced accountant and bookkeeper, with over a decade of experience in a variety of industries before breaking away from her corporate career and opening TP Bookkeeping. With a degree from Merrimack College’s Girard School of Business, Tania has fully immersed herself in the world of business. She understands the challenges that entrepreneurs and business owners face first-hand.

Michelle Lucas is a Financial Coach and founder of Wallet Therapy, a virtual financial coaching business. Michelle loves helping individuals, families, and small business owners learn to confidently manage their money and establish long-term healthy relationships with money. She uses her many years of experience supporting her clients with establishing a budget, debt payoff strategies, money mindset, credit repair, and understanding their numbers. She is very passionate about helping others reduce their money stress and learn more about themselves in the process.

Kimberly Duong is the owner of ALOE Bookkeeping, LLC, where she helps small business owners across the US handle their bookkeeping needs. With her attention to detail and achievement-driven mentality, she ensures that small business owners have an accurate and up-to-date picture of their business’s financial health. She helps provide a solid foundation for tracking income and expenses, allowing business owners to manage their cash flow and make strategic business decisions to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and maximize profitability. With meticulous record-keeping and Kimberly’s dedicated guidance, small business owners will be well-prepared for stress-free tax seasons and are free to focus on what they do best-running and growing their businesses.

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