Setting 2024 Goals for Your Business

Setting 2024 Goals for Your Business

Date: January 4th, 2024

Time: 12:00pm Eastern

Location: Virtual


Have you been “winging it” in your business up to date, with no true plan of what you want to achieve or how you plan on making it happen? Or do you tell yourself every year that you’re going to set goals for yourself, but then you don’t because you don’t even know where to start?

If so, this webinar is for you.

In this Lunch & Learn, business experts will share how to set goals for your business, make sure they’re realistic, and create a plan for achieving them.

About Our Speakers

Christina Spinazola is someone who has become pretty un-concerned with titles. Why? Because language doesn’t touch what I really help people with. I help people find and access new feelings of possibility and deepen their understanding of love as a way to transform their lives and businesses. When I have to share a title, I play with calling myself a Certified Professional Risk Taker Coach. For the last 5 years, I’ve been powerfully coaching entrepreneurs and leaders through their perceived challenges by helping them better understand their minds and can’t wait to do the same for this group. When I’m not coaching I can be found chasing the sunrise on top of a mountain or reading a good book under a fuzzy blanket.

Jessica Miller is a Sales and Growth Strategist that helps established entrepreneurs optimize their offers for profit so they can stop chasing clients and money, and instead generate consistent income while doing less. After working with dozens of business owners she has seen that the difference between burnout and thriving is having a Hell Yes Offer at the center of the business. Jessica has spoken at The StoryBrand Made Simple Summit, The Maine Women’s Conference, and several others, and is a favorite guest expert in private high-level masterminds and has been a guest on much-loved podcasts like Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club, and The Next On Scene podcast. Jess is also the host of the It’s Your Offer Podcast.

Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking is the founder of True Focus Coaching Inc. She is a speaker, coach, and Productivity and Time Matters Expert with over 20 years of experience empowering entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and executives to get a grip on time so that they can get to the next level in their lives and businesses. She teaches her clients how to achieve their highest priorities, professional goals, and have the whole life they want.

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