19 Massachusetts Entrepreneurs Share the Meaning of Entrepreneurship to Them

November 15, 2023  | 

At Massachusetts Business Network, we’re all about celebrating entrepreneurship and local businesses. As we honor National Entrepreneurs’ Day, we’re highlighting and amplifying incredible entrepreneurs based in the Bay State as they answer this question:

Why do you love being an entrepreneur?

Learn about talented business owners throughout the area and what they value the most about working for themselves.

Perspective from Massachusetts Business Owners

What Entrepreneurship Means to Them

“Honestly, putting the puzzle pieces together every day. As our firm grows I feel like my head is spinning but I have been able to find some great resources to help with organization.” – Samantha Allen, Founder of Law Mom

“There are very few things more rewarding than being an entrepreneur and building something from the ground up. I get to wake up every day and lead a team of amazing people and do what I love every single day. I also get to meet and speak with other entrepreneurs that have incredibly inspiring stories and it makes the endless hours and work all the more worth it!” – Renee Perkins, Founder & CEO of Nantucket Island Marketing

“I love that everything is fast paced (just like our residents). I rarely find myself bored, and my clients keep the same pace which means business is always on the move. I’m also really fond of how small our state is; it makes it easy to offer services to clients all over Massachusetts, because almost everyone is less than a 3-hour drive from me (in Worcester).” – Meagan Matthy, Small Business Concierge

“I love being an entrepreneur in Massachusetts because there are so many connections, things to do, networking events and a wider range of people within fashion, medical, cosmetology, and more.” – Keisha Greaves, CEO & President of Girls Chronically Rock

“I am able to help other small business owners make their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur a reality.” – Kelly Partridge, Owner & Chief Consultant of GRATI Consulting

“I love being an entrepreneur in Massachusetts because of the vibrant business ecosystem here. The state offers a unique blend of tech innovation, academic resources, and a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs. Plus, the rich history and cultural diversity make it an inspiring place to work and grow. Massachusetts truly has the perfect mix for entrepreneurial success.” – Liz August, Business & Tech Strategist at Simplify, Simplify

“Being an entrepreneur in Massachusetts means having access to brilliant minds across dozens of fields our state proudly specializes in. Whether it’s health and wellness, education, or tech, we have a rich ecosystem of innovation and skill and that comes through in the local clients I work with as well as my partners and network. It’s amazing to be a part of this level of talent and collectively grow alongside it.” – Kavya Sebastian, CEO & Founder of Kavya Creative Co.

“I love being an entrepreneur as I can work on my own schedule. Oftentimes, I am able to make decisions that simultaneously benefit me and my company. In my startup year, I’ve enjoyed freedom and flexibility as an entrepreneur.” – Nina Mendoza, Owner & Lead Tutor at 2Plus2 Tutoring

“The community! There are several different communities to be a part of, all of which are welcoming and are happy to help. It is so nice to navigate being a business owner alongside others from all different phases of entrepreneurship.” – Schuyler Archambault, Owner, Physical Therapist & Personal Trainer at Arch Physical Therapy and Fitness

“I love being my own boss! And I love the freedom I have to make changes when they are needed to best help my clients, and to find ways to impact people of different levels.” – Francesca Verri, Professional Organizer and Minimalist Coach at verri organized

“Every day feels like magic!” – Giulietta Nardone, Writer, Painter, & Untrainer

“I love the freedom, flexibility, choice, and opportunity entrepreneurship brings. I feel blessed to help so many business owners increase sales, visibility, and credibility through small business grants. There are so many benefits to being an entrepreneur. It’s all about finding the best insights and shortcuts to cut your learning curve and carve a customized path to success!” – Robin Samora, Owner of Robin Samora Marketing & PR

“I love the autonomy I have to create programs that I know are meaningful and impactful to the people I work with. I have the flexibility to network and create partnerships with organizations that allow me to bring these programs into the community. Knowing that I started this business from scratch and watching it grow is a great source of pride, especially as a role model for my children. Most importantly, I love the flexibility I have to make my own schedule, allowing me to be present for my family while still enjoying the work I do. I truly feel grateful every day.” – Jennifer Lynn, Owner of Nurtured Roots LLC

“While there is the freedom of working for myself, I especially love being able to help other women start and build out their own dreams of entre- or solopreneurship by collaborating on their brand and marketing development. At times it’s almost like we’re creating ripple effects. Me to them, and them to their customers depending on their target.” – Kris Kiehn, Founder & Chief Brand Officer of Simply K2 Marketing

“Being an entrepreneur means being able to create something new and unique that solves a challenge that you see. It allows me to identify better ways of doing something important, and then creating those solutions. It allows me to make an impact on my industry and on future generations.” – Christina Inge, Founder & CEO of Thoughtlight

“As someone born and raised in Massachusetts, I feel so privileged to be an entrepreneur here. All the entrepreneurs I’ve met have been so supportive of me and my journey and it’s heart-warming to see how collaborative and supportive everyone is. Because it’s not just about business; it’s about the genuine care that everyone here has for each other. I’m not sure you could find that anywhere else.” – Stacy Braga, Copywriter

“I was born and raised in California and moved to Massachusetts as an adult in 2001. I now live in Sandwich, on Cape Cod. The Cape Cod community plays an integral role in helping my business thrive. It takes a unique breed of entrepreneur to succeed on Cape Cod: one who possesses a vision, comprehends the seasonal fluctuations in sales, and above all, one who places immense value in and contributes to the community. My business has achieved success primarily due to the strong relationships I have built with my customers, nurtured through my involvement with various organizations such as town chambers, Entrepreneurship for All, Love Live Local, and others that foster professional growth and networking opportunities.” – Gillian Eaton of Gillian Inspired Designs

“Being an entrepreneur in Massachusetts offers a liberating escape from the confines of a bureaucratic system, allowing me the freedom to innovate and pursue new ideas. It’s empowering to have the autonomy to make decisions that not only build wealth for my team members but also bring personal fulfillment. Every day is a journey of self-discovery, where the flexibility to choose my path leads to learning something new at every turn. The ability to create opportunities for others is perhaps the most exhilarating aspect: the possibility to change reality—to make a tangible impact on the world around me. This entrepreneurial spirit is the lifeblood of Massachusetts’s vibrant business landscape, and I am thrilled to be a part of it!” – Danielle Levy, CEO

“I love being an entrepreneur in Massachusetts because I grew up here and have been able to network and build professional relationships with those I’ve known for some time!” – Meghan Baah, Owner of Bristol County Couriers

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