2Plus2 Tutoring Hosts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

September 13, 2023  | 

2Plus2 Tutoring, a tutoring company located in the Taunton area, was started by Nina Lee (Carmo) Mendoza in July 2022. As a former teacher who was then working as the School Age Director at the Taunton YMCA, Nina saw first-hand the need for providing tutoring services to students throughout the area, especially with the pandemic having impacted their learning. Noticing a lack of availability for tutors in the area and identifying this as a good side gig while having the opportunity to use her love of teaching, Nina started offering tutoring services to a handful of students. She officially launched 2Plus2 Tutoring in July 2022.

Word about 2Plus2 Tutoring spread quickly, and before Nina knew it, she was putting in notice at her day job in March 2023 in order to pursue her business full-time. After months of driving to public libraries and clients’ homes within the Taunton area for all sessions, Nina knew it was time to streamline everything into a centralized location and thus began looking for office space.

The perfect opportunity arose when Nina discovered the Downtown Taunton Rent Rebate Program, offered by the City of Taunton. As explained on the City’s website, this program helps to “facilitate the establishment of small businesses within Taunton’s Downtown Business District. The program allows the City of Taunton’s Office of Economic and Community Development (OECD) to provide rental assistance that is intended to help small businesses locating into vacant storefronts and upper floor spaces during the first two years of operation by reducing the cost of overhead expenses.” Nina’s new office, which she opened in June 2023, is located in downtown Taunton and now provides a space for families and students to come and receive educational support.

“As a teacher at heart, I pride myself on an ever-growing vocabulary, but there are no words to describe how exciting this entire process is. I can’t even describe the feeling of being excited every single day to ‘go to work,’” says Nina. “I love the space I am in, as I get to work at my desk, allow parents/families/guardians a spot to relax and wait for their students, and utilize two ‘mini classrooms’ all in one space.”

The center received so much traction, that soon enough, Nina realized it was time to bring on additional tutors so that 2Plus2 Tutoring could support even more students.

“The complicated part of the tutoring business is that I can only offer so much of my own time, and students are in school for most of the day. This leaves me with limited slots of availability,” explains Nina. “After a lot of consideration, I have entrusted a few local teachers who I have known personally to tutor students in the center. This is especially exciting, as 2Plus2 Tutoring has doubled (almost tripled) available spots, which means more students get access to tutoring.”

During a time where many families are seeking tutoring services for their children, 2Plus2 Tutoring’s expansion gives them the opportunity to continue working with more households.

2Plus2 Tutoring’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Get an Inside Look into the Tutoring Center

Earlier this month, 2Plus2 Tutoring, in partnership with the Taunton Area Chamber of Commerce, held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the center. With attendance from local and state reps, the Chamber, colleagues, friends and family, and more, it was a wonderful afternoon that consisted of receiving a tour of the center, getting an inside look into 2Plus2 Tutoring’s processes, and hearing Nina’s plans for the space.

Nina comments, “I am so thankful for the business and education communities gathering together in one space to celebrate the beginning of 2Plus2 Tutoring here in Taunton. It means so much to me that so many people believe in and value my goals. Thank you especially to my husband/accountant, Anthony, father/security Jose, and my best friend/marketing team, Ashley. Thank you to the Taunton Area Chamber of Commerce for guiding me through the business-opening process, and to the DeMello family for hosting me in their professional building. Thank you to all community members who took the time out of their day to come check out the space and celebrate. Most of all- thank you to my students and their families who trust me with their children’s education.”

Downtown Taunton overall is ramping up with new businesses, activities, and initiatives to revive and re-engage the area, and 2Plus2 Tutoring is one of a handful of new businesses that will contribute to the liveliness of the city.

If you’re located in the Taunton area and interested in inquiring about 2Plus2 Tutoring’s services for your child, or you’re a complementary business looking to collaborate, please contact Nina and 2Plus2 Tutoring via their Facebook page or via email.

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