34 Massachusetts Female Business Owners Share the Importance of International Women’s Day 2024

March 8, 2024  | 

At Massachusetts Business Network, we’re all about celebrating entrepreneurship and local businesses. As we honor International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting and amplifying incredible female entrepreneurs based in the Bay State as they answer this question:

What does being a female business owner in Massachusetts mean to you?

Learn about talented female business owners throughout the area and what they value the most about working for themselves.

Perspective from Massachusetts Female Business Owners

What Entrepreneurship Means to Them

“Being a female business owner in MA means getting the support of like-minded women who are also hustling to build and grow their business, but will always have the time to connect in a genuine way. It is always a blessing to have a strong support system of people who know the value not just of networking, but of authentic friendship as well.” – Kavya Sebastian, CEO & Founder of Kavya Creative Co

“Seeing female entrepreneurs succeed in Massachusetts inspires me and many others. It’s a testament to the progress we’ve made in promoting gender equality and empowering women to break barriers and pursue their passions in the business world.” – Keisha Greaves, CEO & Founder of Girls Chronically Rock

“To me, being a female business owner in Massachusetts means I’m never really alone. When I made the decision to leave my corporate job, one of the many reasons was a lack of female role models or empowerment in my industry. And when I started my business, I initially felt so alone because I was a team of one. But then I realized I didn’t need to feel that way at all. There are so many strong, independent, inspirational and genuinely kind female business owners across Massachusetts that none of us are ever alone. There is an entire community of women in this state who truly want to see other women succeed and appreciate that there’s room for all of us at the table. I’ve made so many authentic connections with local women through my business, because we can share our passions and values and goals with one another. It’s hands down one of the best parts of entrepreneurship!” – Jessica Ponyrko, Founder of Anchor Watch Marketing

“It means I’m part of a special community. It means being in a sisterhood of ambitious women who are committed to bettering their nooks of the world, and supporting each other along the way. It means I’m investing in myself and my local community because I understand what it takes to run a small business! (A LOT!) And it means I get to be friends with the most amazing women, who I’m truly honored to know and excited to help them shine in the world.” – Sonya Highfield, Intuitive Business & Mindset Coach

“It means I am able to do what I love, control my own hours, and show my kids that you can do anything that you set your mind to. I am very proud of the hard work I have put into growing my business over the past 10 years.” – Caitlin Perry, Owner & Photographer of CP Photography

“In June of 2023, I had just launched my company, Whole Heart Health & Wellness. The same month I had the opportunity to attend the Boston Female Athlete Conference hosted by FEMALE doctors, researchers, and scientists. Being surrounded by so many inspiring, intelligent, and driven women, most of whom run their own practice was an experience like no other. It made me so happy and thankful to live in such a great state where women are not only opening their own female focused practices but also THRIVING while doing so. Being in Massachusetts means access to a supportive ecosystem that values diversity and innovation, with resources like networking events, mentorship programs, and funding opportunities tailored to women-owned businesses. I am inspired by the resilience and determination of fellow female entrepreneurs who have shattered glass ceilings and paved the way for future generations. Communities such as the Female Athlete Conference and the Massachusetts Business Network means I have built in support in my own practice and business. I am so thankful to be in this community.” – Caile Hanlon, NBC-HWC, Founder of Whole Heart Health & Wellness

“As a female business owner in Massachusetts, I take pride in contributing to the entrepreneurial landscape of our state, and showcasing that gender should never be a limitation in pursuing one’s ambitions. I’m excited to continue being part of a thriving network alongside numerous successful women-owned businesses, and see how our collective impact shapes a more inclusive and innovative business environment going forward.” – Monica Young, Owner of Resuvize

“As a female business owner in Massachusetts, I feel proud, in control, and empowered in everything I do for my business. I can show up as myself and encourage other women to do the same, which was not always possible in my corporate career. It also allows me to show my daughter, and other young women, and female minorities within my community that they can also create and own their businesses. Being a female business owner has allowed me to work with some of the most talented, intelligent, creative, and determined women. I strongly believe that women entrepreneurs are positively changing the way businesses are operated today. Being a female business owner in Massachusetts gives me hope.” – Nicole Samuel Realty of Samuel Realty Group, LLC

“I was born and bred in Massachusetts. Although I have traveled extensively, both domestically and abroad, my home and my familial times are in Massachusetts. Providing services to women in the Bay State is a way to give back to those who have helped me grow throughout my professional career.” – Susan DiClemente, Owner and Master Certified Professional Coach of Susan DiClemente Coaching & Consulting

“It means everything to me that my daughter can see me run my own business (not to mention that I opened the school/organization/business for her!) It’s so important for my kids (and kids everywhere) to see that rather than settling for something that doesn’t work (and doesn’t make sense), we can create what DOES. It’s a beautiful, messy honor to grow this organization alongside my kids as a female leader – and my daughter has already asked if she’ll be running it one day!” – Heather DiNino, Founding Director of Elements Academy

“I love my fellow MA small business owners. The community and camaraderie here is like no other place. I truly feel supported and I love sharing and supporting their small businesses too. It truly is a ‘together we all succeed’ mentality!” – Kris Kiehn, Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Simply K2 Marketing

“Being a woman in business in Massachusetts is great, there are so many networks supporting entrepreneurship and so many great women’s groups in the area.” – Lysa Miller, Founder of Ladybugz Interactive Agency

“Being a female business owner in Massachusetts means embodying resilience, innovation, and leadership in a state known for its pioneering spirit. It is about creating a legacy that empowers future generations of women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams without hesitation. Massachusetts, with its rich history of trailblazers and revolutionaries, provides a unique backdrop where the challenges of entrepreneurship are met with a community that values diversity, equity, and inclusivity. In essence, it represents the opportunity to be part of Massachusetts’ ongoing story of innovation and progress.” – Dianne Needle, CEO of The Needle Group

“As a female entrepreneur and attorney in Massachusetts, being a business owner means embodying resilience, determination, and empowerment. It means breaking barriers, supporting women, paving the way for future generations of women to thrive in the business world. It means embracing the rich history of women’s leadership in Massachusetts, and carrying their legacy forward with pride and meaning. It means seizing opportunities to make a difference, not just in business, but in our communities, championing diversity, equity, and inclusion every step of the way. Being a female business owner in Massachusetts isn’t just about running a company—it’s about driving change, shaping the future, and proving that when women succeed, we all succeed.” – Sam Allen, Founding Attorney of Law Mom

“Being a female entrepreneur is about embracing the power of ambition, creativity, and perseverance. It means defying expectations, breaking barriers, and paving the way for future generations of women in business. As a female entrepreneur, I harness my passion, vision, and drive to turn dreams into reality, regardless of the obstacles in my path. It’s about leading with grace, confidence, and resilience, while inspiring others to believe in themselves and their potential to achieve greatness.” – Kelly Partride, President of GRATI Consulting

“Being a female business owner in Massachusetts is a great experience! I have met so many magnificent women in business — who support each other, root for each other, and lift each other up. It’s such an honor to be in the presence of our community and to connect with female business owners and other entrepreneurs. I am honored to serve the communities where I live and work. I am grateful for sharing my heart’s work with clients in the state of Massachusetts.” – Joanna Barrett, Owner and Licensed Mental Health Counselor of Joanna Barrett Therapy & Wellness

“Massachusetts is full of such prestigious education, healthcare, & business institutions that it makes me feel proud and validated to count myself among the business owners in this state.” – Amber Cerone, CEO & Founder of StrengthPoint Consulting

“Being a female business owner in Massachusetts means growth, community, and empowerment. Massachusetts has resources for female small business owners to help guide us to our highest potential. The community of female businesses is huge, the support and empowerment it brings is unmatched.” – Schuyler Archambault, Owner of Arch Physical Therapy and Fitness

“As a single mom entrepreneur in Massachusetts, being a female business owner holds profound significance for me. It symbolizes empowerment, resilience, and the ability to overcome challenges while pursuing my dreams. As a woman in business in Massachusetts, I am part of a vibrant community of entrepreneurs who support and uplift each other. Moreover, being a female business owner in Massachusetts allows me to contribute to the state’s economy and make a positive impact on my community.” – Robin Shurtleff Realtor®

“Being a Hispanic female business owner holds profound significance for me. It represents breaking barriers and defying odds in a society where diverse voices are at times underrepresented. It symbolizes resilience, as I navigate through challenges. It’s about paving the way for future generations of women and minorities, inspiring them to dream and pursue those dreams. Ultimately, being a Hispanic female business owner empowers me to contribute to my community, create opportunities, and make a meaningful impact in the world.” – Dariana Barrera, President of Middlesex Insurance Agency, LLC

“My whole business is centered around lifting up other fem entrepreneurs. It’s about helping other folx who have been historically marginalized build wealth and power. With wealth and power we can push back against the systems of harm and create actual political change. PLUS traditionally the typical 9-5 was developed for a 1 income household (that man to work and the woman to take care of the home and the children). The typical work model does not work for everyone, especially those struggling with mental health, neurodivergency, or just having to be a caretaker. It is my belief that we can build a work structure that facilitates our needs and also promotes community care. So YES being a female business owner is EVERYTHING and I want to lift up other fem business owners to live the life they want.” – Phoebe Sherman, Founder of Girl Gang Craft

“I used to think that being an entrepreneur was about breaking free from corporate structures and being able to take creative liberties and enact efficient processes on my own. I thrived on making high-level decisions and answering only to myself. Now, as a mother, I see it as even more than I imagined. I see my kids looking up to me as an owner. They see hard work, dedication, and pride. My son sees what it means to be a strong husband supporting his wife wholeheartedly through my husband’s actions; my daughter has a front-row seat to witnessing all women are capable of.” – Danielle O’Brien, Broker & Owner of Parkway Real Estate

“Being a female business owner in Massachusetts means empowerment. I have met so many other fantastic local women that have pushed my thinking and inspired me to be better at what I do and therefore, more successful as a business owner. I am achieving financial liberation while doing work that I feel passionate about and supporting others in my community.” – Noreen Hughes, Founder of Little Bunny Traveler

“Being able to work with so many other women owned businesses to come together to support women is the best part. We lift each other up and learn so much from each other.” – Christine Coen, Owner & Founder of Buttercup Boxes of Love

“Being a female business owner has so many different meanings to me. As women, we must exhibit resilience, adaptability, and the ability to juggle numerous roles with grace, as the generations who came before us fought so hard for us to be able to do. Now, we have the chance to pave smoother paves for the next generations. Each woman’s journey is unique, and through my business, I’m all about shining a light on our strengths and what we bring to the table.” – Katherine Lowe, Founder of Shimmer

“Being a female business owner in Massachusetts means that I have the flexibility to set my own schedule and be present in my son’s life while also doing what I love – helping individuals live more fulfilling lives. During my clinical training years ago, I never thought I would own my own therapy private practice one day mostly because I was concerned it would be too isolating and lonely. What I didn’t know then and I know now is that there is an immensely vibrant and supportive community of female business owners all over Massachusetts, who inspire me and help me learn something new every day.” – Veselina Hristova Jones, LICSW – Psychotherapist in Private Practice

“I am proud to be part of the group of women who are increasing female-owned businesses in Massachusetts every year, amplifying our voices on a larger scale. I am in a unique position to photograph, highlight, promote and support other female entrepreneurs locally. For this, I am grateful.” – Susannah Bothe, Owner & Photographer of Susannah Bothe Photography

“We are two females who co-founded a public speaking business this past year. Being female business owners is important and meaningful to us for several reasons. First, studies continue to indicate that men make up a higher percentage of business owners so we are proud to be part of increasing the percentage of women business owners. As such, we are role models to other girls and women, showing them that they, too, can found, create, and build a business around something they are passionate about. Secondly, one of the offerings at our business is public speaking circles for women. We strongly believe in empowering and elevating all women’s voices. Everyone deserves their voice to be heard for they have a unique perspective and story to tell. Finally, being part of a business founded by two women means that we welcome femininity, in all its forms. Our business meetings often start with a deep dive check-in on how we are doing and what our day has been like. Sometimes in those check-ins we will cry and laugh. Like many women, we wear many hats. We are mothers, wives, daughters, volunteers, storytellers, and it is important to us that we make space for acknowledgement and appreciation of those roles. When we make that space, we are able to more fully engage in the work at hand.” – Jennifer Hillery & Theresa Wiggins, Co-Founders of Redwood Speaking

“As a female business owner in Massachusetts, the significance lies not only in the freedom to escape Boston’s rush hour commutes but also in the unique ability to network with fellow businesswomen in this dynamic city. This dual advantage allows me to reclaim precious time otherwise spent in transit, fostering a work-life balance that prioritizes family and personal pursuits. The vibrant Boston business community provides a platform for building meaningful connections, sharing experiences, and contributing to a supportive ecosystem where collective success thrives. In this entrepreneurial landscape, breaking away from traditional constraints means not just shaping my schedule but also actively participating in a network that amplifies the impact of female entrepreneurs in Massachusetts.” – Melissa Pond

“Being a female business owner in Massachusetts means meeting a need in the market by being your authentic self. As a coach, I bring my personal qualities and strengths to the mindset training I facilitate to help teach, inspire, and guide folks to overcome their psychological barriers so that they can view themselves and the world differently, reach their full potential, and achieve the success they desire in career and business. Every business owner delivers unique value and unique messaging that speaks to the right consumer. Female perspective and energy in the business world help propel innovation forward.” – Jordan Guadalupe, Founder of Soulibre

“I am so proud to be a female business owner in Massachusetts! I was born in the state and spent every summer here my whole life making the full time transition 3 years ago. I am on Martha’s Vineyard, a community that has been a part of my family life for generations. To me, setting up shop here is an honor to my family roots and a natural progression to setting up generations to come. Women like myself are contributing to the makeup and economy of my community and being a business owner of color also means I am able to contribute to my business community’s diversity and I am blessed to benefit personally and professionally from a supportive ecosystem. It is an honor to own a business that contributes to the awesome Oak Bluffs business community here on the island.” – Kharma Finley-Wallace, Founder of HoverFly Marketing & Events

“Being a female business owner in Massachusetts means that I get to do work I love, make a positive difference in people’s lives and earn a decent living. I love the flexibility and independence that being an entrepreneur offers AND I am so grateful for the incredible support and sense of community in Massachusetts. It all has a huge impact on me, both personally and professionally and I feel very fortunate to be an entrepreneur here.” – Susan Trotter, Ph.D. – Relationship Coaching

“Being a female business owner often means being the only woman in the room. It means feeling the need to put 150% effort into my work to prove my value and worth. It means being “on my game” all the time because I’m being judged from the outset. But it also means knowing I am secure in who I am and showing up authentically as myself to business conversations. It has made me proud of the diverse perspective I know I bring to the table. It means having a strong sense of self and knowing that the uphill struggles are worth it. But most of all, it means honoring those who came before me by paving the way for those who will follow.” – Julia Becker Collins, COO of Vision Advertising

“Massachusetts has been my lifelong home; I was born here, grew up here, went to school here, worked at various companies here, and now own a business here. I’ve been passionate about women’s rights, feminist issues, and equity for as long as I can remember. So, now that I’ve started my own business, I’m committed to not only offering my services to other women-owned businesses but to using my brand and platform to uplift, empower, and support them in whatever ways I can—whether they’re a paying client of my business or not and whether they’re considered a direct competitor of mine or not. It is my belief that a rising tide lifts all boats, so whatever women can do to support other women will benefit us all in the long run. It’s what we like to call being a girls’ girl.” – Dominique Goyette-Connerty, Owner of Evergreen Marketing

How to Get Support as a Massachusetts Business Owner

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