5 Massachusetts Publications to Pitch

February 1, 2023  | 

Whether your organization has launched a new product or service, received an award, hired a new executive, opened up another location, acquired another company, or something else, that news deserves to be shared. How can you make that happen? By pitching the media!

Although there are several publications located throughout the Bay State that can support you with sharing your exciting news, check out these five for a place to start and download our master list of Massachusetts press contacts for a full list.

Massachusetts Publications

Massachusetts Business Network

First and foremost: us! Whether you have hot news to announce or high-level expertise to share, Massachusetts Business Network is an excellent option. Our audience consists of both business owners and employees throughout Massachusetts who turn to our platform for interesting stories about organizations right here in the state as well as sound career and business advice.

Want to pitch us? Fill out our contact form.

Cape & Plymouth Business Media

Are you local to the South Coast and South Shore regions of Massachusetts? Cape & Plymouth Business Media specializes in featuring the recent news of organizations located in the southeastern part of the state. In addition, they host a handful of awards ceremonies throughout the year that give professionals the opportunity to nominate themselves or a colleague and have a directory on their website for listing an organization.

Want to pitch them? Check out their content submission forms.

Quotable Media Co.

Quotable Media Co., a marketing and public relations firm located in Boston, publishes a magazine with stories, profiles, inspiration and information to help you build and grow your brand and a podcast for female millennial business owners.

Want to pitch them? Read through their submission guidelines.

South Shore Home, Life & Style

South Shore Home, Life & Style is the premier luxury lifestyle magazine dedicated to celebrating the coastal communities south of Boston, between Quincy and Plymouth, Massachusetts. With a goal to inform, entertain, and inspire their readers, each issue, published four times per year, contains professional photography and an array of curated articles. Topics of these articles include fine home design and decor, top food and drink destinations, arts and entertainment, profiles of local business owners and professionals, and more.

Want to pitch them? Head to their contact form.

Boston Business Journal

The highly-coveted Boston Business Journal shares the latest breaking business news throughout Massachusetts with a particular focus on Boston. This publication also hosts several awards ceremonies throughout the year to recognize the professionals in the Bay State who are truly making a difference.

Want to pitch them? Get in touch with their staff.

Discover Additional Massachusetts Publications

Download Our Free Resource

Are you excited by the list of publications shown here and want to get access to more? We have a master list of the contact information for more than 100 publications throughout Massachusetts. Download it now to get started.

If you have secured press for your organization, what was that experience like? Share your perspective in the comments below for any individual who is looking to get started with this process.

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