Advice from the Experts: Executing a Lead Generation Strategy That Works

April 3, 2024  | 

This blog post contains the transcription of a free virtual Lunch & Learn we hosted in March 2024 titled, “Executing a Lead Generation Strategy That Works.” You can view all of our upcoming webinars here.

Top Lead Generation Tips

Who are the Top Experts to Know?

Adriana Lacy is an award-winning journalist and entrepreneur based in Boston, Massachusetts. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Adriana Lacy Consulting, she leads a dynamic digital consulting firm, empowering publishers and businesses to grow their digital audiences. With prior newsroom experience that spans renowned media outlets such as, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Axios, she brings a wealth of expertise to her endeavors. In addition to her role as a leading consultant, Adriana serves as an adjunct lecturer in journalism, sharing her extensive knowledge with aspiring journalists. Her exceptional contributions to the field were acknowledged when she received the Forbes 30 Under 30 accolade in 2023.

Chris Viscomi is the co-founder of Aliste Marketing, a boutique marketing firm that serves as a natural extension to your internal team. Think Fractional CMO but focused on getting brands more leads, increased exposure and more time back to build their business!

Mistral Dodson is a fiery manifesting generator redhead on a mission to create her dream life and freedom filled business, while empowering other women to do the same! She’s a Human Design Business Coach that teaches you how to leverage digital marketing to create an epic business with an epic income so that you can create an epic life on your terms.

How Can You Generate Leads?

Preparing Your Business for New Leads

The foundation of a successful lead generation strategy lies in readiness. Before setting your sights on acquiring new leads, it’s crucial to ensure your business is equipped to handle them. Our experts highlight the importance of automation, suggesting that having campaigns set up in the background to nurture leads through the buyer’s journey can make a significant difference. This approach ensures that no lead is forgotten and each one is consistently engaged, improving the chances of conversion.

Untapped Resources for Generating Leads

When it comes to discovering new avenues for lead generation, our experts suggest looking beyond the conventional methods. Chris shares his enthusiasm for Facebook groups as an excellent platform, especially for service-based companies, to showcase their work and attract attention. Meanwhile, Mistral points to the power of online platforms, suggesting that finding where your ideal clients hang out online can be a game-changer for your lead generation efforts.

Attracting the Right Leads

Attracting leads is one thing, but ensuring they’re the right fit for your services is another challenge altogether. Our panelists recommend several strategies for better qualifying leads. Chris mentions the utility of sending out questionnaires to understand potential clients’ goals, needs, and budget, allowing for a more tailored approach. Mistral advocates for using content to qualify leads, ensuring your messaging aligns with the needs and interests of your ideal clientele.

Nurturing Leads Effectively

Once you’ve attracted leads, the next step is to keep them engaged and prevent them from dropping off. Our experts agree on the importance of multiple touchpoints and consistent communication. Automation plays a key role here, with email sequences designed to guide leads through the buying process, ensuring they remain engaged and informed about what you have to offer.

Leveraging Technology for Lead Generation and Management

Technology can significantly streamline the lead generation and management process. HubSpot is highlighted by Chris as an all-encompassing platform that offers a suite of tools for managing leads effectively. Adriana points to Zapier as a versatile tool for automating tasks and ensuring different platforms and software work seamlessly together, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


Consistency and perseverance are important traits to have in lead generation, as results often aren’t immediate. Analyzing what works, doubling down on successful strategies, and always being open to non-traditional methods of engagement can significantly enhance your lead generation strategy.

By following these expert insights and embracing both the technological and human aspects of lead generation, you can set your business on a path to not just attract leads, but the right leads, and ensure they have every reason to stay engaged with your brand.

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