An Inside Look into AMA Boston

A common issue for up and coming young marketers and seasoned CMOs is the opportunity to meet each other and share knowledge. Lying at the intersection of both ends of experience is AMA Boston, a group dedicated to educating, connecting, and inspiring marketers across the Greater Boston Area and beyond.

AMA Boston is managed by a dedicated team of volunteers from all walks of life with a passion for marketing. They offer numerous in-person and virtual marketing and educational events, host and produce a successful podcast and blog, and they’re educating the next generation of marketers by helping them start their careers in earnest.

Being an AMA member doesn’t cost much, but it pays off in dividends. In just a year with AMA Boston, you can develop a huge network of folks who want to push you to succeed.

AMA Boston Events

AMA Boston hosts multiple events across Massachusetts to give folks an opportunity to attend whether they live in western Mass, downtown Boston, or the far reaches of the South Shore.
An AMA event is fun, relaxing, and memorable. Events have been hosted at local breweries, restaurants, and cafes! There is no agenda or itinerary for an AMA Boston event- these are low stress, high reward engagements hosted at least once a month. We’ve introduced interns to their future bosses, marketers to CMOs, and entrepreneurs to their next potential business investment at events. You deserve a network as engaging and all-encompassing as AMA Boston’s.

Talking Marketing And The AMA Blog

There are several wonderful chapters of AMA across the US, but AMA Boston is one of the few with its own podcast! Talking Marketing, currently hosted by VP of Content Allen Ibrahim, is a bi-monthly show produced for and by AMA Boston volunteers. They chat with marketing professionals from around the world, as near as Quincy MA and as far as the country of Georgia. The common theme is storytelling. Every marketer has a story, and Talking Marketing is Allen’s journey to hear everyone’s stories and learn from them. They also invite any AMA volunteers to join them for the prep and recording sessions so that they can learn the ins and outs of podcasting. It’s a great opportunity if that is something volunteers want to pursue, or just to be a fly on the wall for some fun conversations!

In addition, Allen manages the AMA blog, where we post insightful articles from members regularly. There is also a job board that constantly updates with new opportunities, and they have multiple opportunities to sponsor blog posts, podcast episodes, and more.

Educate and Involve

AMA Boston prides itself on our successful networking ventures. Volunteers with our group expand their LinkedIn networks, get invited on podcasts, follow each other on social media, and keep an eye out for jobs. It is difficult breaking into the marketing industry, but with a group like AMA Boston on your side, you will feel empowered to make your dreams a reality. So get involved, volunteer, become a member, or consider sponsoring the work we do today.

This is a contributed piece published by Allen Ibrahim, a content creator, writer, and podcaster. They have been VP of Content at AMA Boston since 2022. Allen was born and raised in the Greater Boston Area, and their interests include running, reading, and television. Allen’s marketing work and primary podcast can currently be found at

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