An Inside Look into South Shore Young Professionals (SSYP)

November 18, 2022  | 

It’s no secret that one of the best things about the Massachusetts business community is the endless amount of organizations, groups, and networking opportunities that exist to meet others in your area, in your industry, and even in your interests.

One of those groups is South Shore Young Professionals (SSYP), an organization for “young” (with quotation marks because anyone of any age can join, of course) professionals located throughout the South Shore (or even beyond that, if you’re interested). SSYP’s mission is to serve as the leading resource for the personal and professional development of the individual by means of community involvement, networking, and education.

Here’s the thing: for quite an affordable annual fee, becoming a member of SSYP provides you with a multitude of benefits that are guaranteed to be well worth the investment. Check out some of the best opportunities.

Attend Networking Events

SSYP hosts approximately 10 events each year. Most of these are their infamous Afterhours events, held in the early evening at a venue for a way to meet and connect with other professionals in the area. These events are free if you’re a member!

Additionally, SSYP hosts their annual Holiday Party in November or December to announce the winner of their Foundation Grant, and they host their annual Golf Tournament in May to support the Foundation Grant.

If you’re looking for a new way to expand your network, these events are a guaranteed way to do so.

List Yourself in the Member Directory

Listing your business in an online directory is an excellent way to improve your SEO, and many business organizations will often offer member directories as a perk. SSYP has its own Business Directory as well!

Being a member means you get to set up a “profile” where you can include your name, contact information, website, social media profiles, and more. All profiles are organized by industry and profession, which means that if you’re a real estate agent with your profile filled out on SSYP’s website, anyone who turns to the directory to find an agent will see your name–therefore increasing your chances of securing the business.

Apply for the Foundation Grant

SSYP’s Foundation Grant is one of the many amazing ways that the organization gives back to the local business community and its members. The grant is designed to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation through financial assistance, mentorship, and support.

There are only three simple requirements in order to apply for the grant:

  • You can be either a non-profit or for-profit organization.
  • You must operate your organization on the South Shore.
  • Your business has to be less than seven years old.

Easy, right? It’s incredible to see the previous winners of the grant and how they’ve used the money to further excel their mission on the South Shore.

Get Involved and Inquire for More Information

There are an extensive number of opportunities for getting involved with SSYP, from joining one of their committees to applying to be a member of the board of directors. If you’re passionate about the South Shore and its budding economic development, pursuing any of the volunteer opportunities would be a great way to tap into that interest.

Additionally, you can always contact the SSYP board members should you have any questions. Massachusetts Business Network founder Ashley Mason is a board member of SSYP, so you’re welcome to contact us as well.

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