An Inside Look into Women’s Business League

April 17, 2023  | 

It is widely believed that when women with ambition unite, there is nothing they cannot accomplish. It was with this concept in mind that the networking group Women’s Business League was formed. That was five years ago and they are growing bigger by the day with chapters launching across the country. The group was founded here in Massachusetts and it has by far the largest group of members.

Women’s Business League Overview

What Can You Expect?

Beyond the typical networking/referral group structure, WBL is a community of passionate and supportive women who want to see other women succeed. The primary focus of its members is to encourage, support, and celebrate each other.

WBL consists of local chapters (now nationwide!) that make up one large network. Local chapters meet in person twice a month. These structured meetings allow members to share wins, ask for feedback, get support, and discuss anything related to their businesses. They are also used to plan local networking events and fundraisers within the community.

Within each chapter, there is only one “seat” available per job title (for example, there is one “Residential Realtor” seat so each chapter won’t have more than one Residential Realtor). There is also one Charity Seat per chapter open to a woman who runs or works for a non-profit organization. WBL strongly promotes giving back not only to its members but the community at large.

Members also have the chance to participate in larger online events with women from all over the country. A few examples of online events include:

  • Monthly Power Hours
  • Quarterly business accelerators
  • Guest speakers (authors, coaches, business experts, marketing gurus, etc.)

Most online events are free to members. There are also in-person events scheduled throughout the year that are open to members of all chapters. The annual gala that takes place at the end of August is a popular one that has sold out every year. Local chapters frequently host their own events that members from other chapters are invited to attend as well.

It’s not all about in-person events, though. WBL also has a wide range of online exposure opportunities for its members. A few of these include:

  • Members-only private Facebook community where you can post about your business, offerings and events
  • Member Directory of the website, where members can create a listing
  • WBL blog, where members can contribute and share their expertise
  • Access to the WBL Connection Concierge and full membership contact list
  • Spotlights and shares on social media

How to Get More Information About WBL

Women’s Business League is for those who want to achieve the highest version of themselves and their business while lifting up others at the same time. If this lights you up, each out to see how you can get involved. For more information about WBL, visit their website.

This is a contributed piece published by Lucie Wicker of Lucie Wicker Photography. Since 2011, Lucie has been lucky to photograph the best of the fitness, health, and wellness community in New England and beyond. As a commercial portrait photographer, she frequently works with fitness and athletic brands, creating authentic and compelling imagery for advertising campaigns of all sizes. Lucie is also the Leader of the Women’s Business League South Shore Chapter, which is now accepting new members!

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