Bon Ami Launches with Weekly Pop-Up Supper Club in Concord

February 9, 2024  | 

Concord, MA — Created by husband-and-wife duo, Gavin Lambert and Rachel Amiralian, Bon Ami launched their first pop-up dinner in January of 2023 and are excited to announce weekly pop-up dinners happening each Monday at 80 Thoreau in Concord. Bon Ami’s invite-only dinners are a five-course, prix fixe tasting menu experience, with optional wine and beverage pairings.

The thoughtfully elegant supper club-style pop-ups are a culmination of everything Gavin and Rachel have learned through their careers in hospitality and food, including numerous escapades into online food businesses, meal delivery, and even pursuing opening their own restaurant. What started as a one-time dinner and then bi-monthly events, has now become a weekly residence at 80 Thoreau with 17 dinners under their belt and many more to come.

Bon Ami is not just a dinner, it’s a chance to celebrate and enjoy life while also bringing new life to Mondays. Instead, Bon Ami fills Mondays with thoughtful, inspired cuisine, pensive and delicious wine, and great company. Bon Ami exists to give people a reason to live luxuriously, without the pretension of traditional fine dining. Their ethos is the same: to be elegant, refined, and classy, without all the gatekeeping.

“Bon Ami is a culmination of everything we love and has allowed us to create the dinner experience of our dreams,” said Rachel Amiralian of Bon Ami. “We want Bon Ami to feel like a celebration of the big and little things because life is too short not to.”

Through the menus created by Gavin, Bon Ami displays and features ingredients, concepts, flavors, preparations, wines, styles, and ideas that otherwise may not present themselves to their guests. Their menus are conceptualized without any testing or development, and ingredients are chosen based on seasonality, local produce/protein/seafood availability, and the chef’s general mood. Much of the menu conceptualization is inspired by Gavin’s background as a chef at prominent fine dining establishments in New York City and Boston, and Rachel’s connection to Applefield Farm, a local farm that Bon Ami procures fresh produce from.

“Though our menus change, the core principles of the food stay the same: to elicit nostalgia, remembrance, and fondness with a flavor, a texture, a taste, or any sensation,” says Gavin Lambert of Bon Ami. “We want Bon Ami to be a true transcendentalist approach to modern fine dining cuisine. Plates are carefully assembled but not meticulous, portions are conservative yet fulfilling, and the flavor is the number one focal point.”

Bon Ami partners with local growers for produce, and their seafood is sourced directly from the wholesale fish pier in Boston, with a focus on fishing sustainability and seasonality. Beef and dairy products come from grass-fed cows, with nearly all the meat and poultry originating from farms and ranches that practice regenerative agriculture. While elevated menus and cutting-edge flavors are the star of their dinners, ultimately, Rachel and Gavin just want everyone to have an amazing time and feel like they are friends at a dinner party rather than a restaurant.

For more information and to get on the Bon Ami invite list, please visit or follow them on Instagram.

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