Builders of Color Coalition Announces Official Ten-Member Investment Analysis Fellowship

October 20, 2023  | 

Prominent leaders of real estate development companies across the Commonwealth have recently been appointed to the Builders of Color Coalition’s investment analysis fellowship to help advance its mission

Boston, MA – Builders of Color Coalition (BCC) has announced the ten members of its Investment Analysis Fellowship to convene established, real estate developers of color seeking to grow their capacities through group studies of investment cases. BCC recruited – and selected –the group based on one’s development experience and level of interest in rigorous, group-based analysis of investment decisions. All new members are principals of their firm or leading investment decision-makers at his or her respective company.

The objective of the Investment Analysis Fellowship is to establish a think tank and provide support in the analysis of real estate case studies. This effort aims to further BCC’s mission by enhancing inclusivity and accessibility within Boston’s commercial real estate industry, while also fostering economic prosperity for minority businesses and the communities served by Builders of Color Coalition. The ten members include:

  1. Jessica Ye: CEO, Rivermore
  2. Phillip Cohen: Principal, Boston Communities
  3. Josue Velney: CEO and Founder, Velney Development
  4. Adler Bernadin: Owner, Norfolk Design & Construction
  5. Dariela Villon-Maga: Owner, DVM Consulting
  6. Marie Morisset: Partner, Morisset Real Estate
  7. James Guerrier: Owner, Ripple Development
  8. Milan Patel: Owner, Huntington Development
  9. Kendin Carr: Vice President of Investment Sales, Colliers
  10. Joseph Goncalves: Principal, New Vision Enterprises

The program will run for a three-month period from now through December 2023, convening bi-weekly on Friday mornings for three-hour sessions centered around interactive discussion of a real estate investment case study. Sessions will also feature one to two guest developers who will offer their insights on the case, along with background on their own pathways and projects. Participants will additionally select a live investment project of their own to analyze over the course of the program to present during the final session utilizing tools and knowledge gained. Builders of Color Coalition also requires chosen participants to commit requisite time for further study in addition to the bi-weekly sessions, and for implementation of learned best practices within their respective firms.

“Our objective for 2024 is to firmly establish ourselves as a key driving force in reshaping the real estate industry across Greater Boston and beyond, making it more diverse, equitable and inclusive,” said Colleen Fonseca, executive director at Builders of Color Coalition. “The insight, advice and combined years of experience of the ten individuals we chose will be a tremendous asset in helping us accomplish those goals and will undoubtedly allow us to make informed decisions on the consistent topics and issues our members face.”

About Builders of Color Coalition

Builders of Color Coalition (BCC) increases access and diversity in Boston’s commercial real estate sector, and to promote the economic well-being of minority businesses and the communities we serve. BCC convenes real estate professionals of color, private firms, government agencies, trade organizations and community nonprofits to collectively create greater opportunities for education, employment, partnership and financing. Our minority real estate network comprises developers, investors, architects, attorneys, bankers, contractors and brokers working across a range of firms, from family-owned enterprises to multinational companies. BCC collaborates closely with other initiatives working to diversify Boston’s real estate sector, including African American Real Estate Professionals (AAREP), Minority Developers Association (MDA), Commercial Real Estate Success Training (CREST), Real Estate Executive Council (REEC), NAIOP, Urban Land Institute (ULI), Greater Boston Real Estate Board (GBREB) and CREW Boston. For more information on BCC, or to become a member or a supporter, please visit

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