Chamber Camaraderie: Amanda Portillo of Revere Chamber of Commerce

February 13, 2023  | 

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Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do at your Chamber of Commerce?

I am the Executive Director of the Revere Chamber of Commerce and I spearhead pretty much everything — program development, event planning, fundraising, member services, marketing, and public relations.

What made you want to work for the Chamber of Commerce?

My role with the Chamber is truly a blend of who I am and all that I stand for. My role allows me to leverage my background in job search and startup coaching, Spanish speaking skills, and my love for my hometown (still living here today) of Revere, MA.

What do you love the most about the area where you live in Massachusetts?

Specific to Revere, I love the diversity. People from all over live here — anywhere you go, you will hear different languages spoken, see great restaurants, and enjoy great beaches. It’s super accessible to Boston with city living, but there are neighborhoods that feel more suburban. Revere is a city that breeds strong and resilient people. Many newcomers to the US have started in Revere, and this goes back to my family specifically immigrating from Italy. This is a community that are fighters for their dreams and a better life. We also have an AMAZING rec department, travel and tourism department, and just so much happening here all the time.

Why do you think it’s important for everyone to be a member of a Chamber of Commerce?

I think that small businesses, solopreneurs, consultants, and anyone responsible for their own book of business should be part of their Chamber. I have found that sometimes that most opportunity is right under my nose. Building a brand and reputation at a local level is a great place to start. Joining a Chamber also helps us to feel less alone in our businesses and supported through networking, promotional, and educational opportunities.

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned throughout your career?

That when you stay true to who you are and don’t waiver from fulfilling your purpose, the right opportunities and people will come your way. I know so many people that end up in careers because they felt societal pressure, or they weren’t sure what they wanted, or they were living up to other people’s expectations. This is a sad way to live and, in my role, not only in the Chamber, but in my own practice, I encourage people to listen within and take action that leads them to a place in their career that is truly authentic to them.

If you weren’t in your current position, what would your next dream job be?

I am living my dream jobs now but as I grow, I hope to do more speaking engagements that give people the courage to build careers and businesses that they truly love.

When you’re not working, what activities do you enjoy?

Spending time with my husband and kids as well as practicing self-care such as walking and reading, dining out!

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