Chamber Camaraderie: Linsey Former of Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce

August 14, 2023  | 

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Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do at your Chamber of Commerce?

Hello! My name is Linsey Former and I am the new member engagement coordinator for the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce. As the member engagement coordinator, I am responsible for coordinating events with our members and community partners, ensuring that all of our member’s needs are met, and acting as a liaison between our members and their community!

What made you want to work for the Chamber of Commerce?

This past May, I graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA where I had spent the months leading up to graduation applying to various jobs and continuously striking out. However, it was during this job hunt and my extensive research into various companies and fields that I began to sort out what I did and did not want in a job. By the time I came across this opening at the Chamber, I knew that I wanted to work somewhere that would allow me to both grow and prosper amongst my peers and community.

To say that this position is a perfect fit for me is an understatement. I have the opportunity to work under the guidance of the most amazing boss and Chamber CEO, Danielle McFadden. As this is also my first full time job, Danielle has helped me tremendously as I acclimate to this new position and gradually take on more and more roles at the Chamber.

As I am writing this, I have completed my first month here at GLCC. In this month, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined and have met an array of amazing business owners and community leaders of whom I am very excited to work with in the future!

What do you love the most about the area where you live in Massachusetts?

What I love most about living in both the Greater Lowell area and Lowell more specifically, is the perfect balance they have between urban amenities and natural beauty. Greater Lowell offers the convenience of modern city life, with a wide array of restaurants, retail, and cultural attractions, while also being surrounded by smaller towns with rural landscapes, state and national parks, and many outdoor recreational opportunities.

Whether it’s exploring the various historic sites in Lowell, attending exciting events in the area like the Lowell Folk Festival, or simply taking a walk along the Merrimack River or one of the many parks, there’s always something to do and enjoy.

Additionally, the strong sense of community and the diversity that makes up these communities and towns creates a welcoming and inviting environment for both residents and visitors. Both Lowell and Greater Lowell is a very close-knit community with so much to offer, making it a truly exceptional and rewarding place to live.

Why do you think it’s important for everyone to be a member of a Chamber of Commerce?

Being a member of a Chamber of Commerce is a valuable asset that should be utilized by everyone, as it provides a valuable platform for both networking and fostering connections with fellow professionals and businesses. These kinds of connections are incredibly important and useful, especially for people looking to grow their business.

Additionally, Chambers actively advocate for the interests of their members at various levels of governance and make it a top priority to address the concerns and issues of their members and to make sure they are properly addressed.

Chambers typically have access to extensive resources within the community, which allows them to offer useful programs and workshops which are aimed to empower their members about various topics relevant to their members and the community which they serve. Aside from professional development, Chamber membership also reflects a commitment to community development, as Chambers actively contribute to economic growth and support various social causes.

There are so many advantages, both seen and unseen, to joining the Chamber that it is fair to assert that everyone can benefit from a Chamber membership.

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned throughout your career?

Though I am only one month into my first full-time job I know that I can also pull lessons from the various part-time jobs that I have held since the age of fifteen. The most significant lesson I have learned is the importance of maintaining a positive and constructive attitude. Embracing a good attitude has been the driving force behind overcoming challenges, acclimating to this new position, and building successful relationships with coworkers and members. It has taught me that how we approach situations and interact with others greatly influences the outcomes we achieve.

By staying positive and adaptable, I have been able to navigate through uncertainties and adapt to evolving circumstances, ultimately leading to personal growth and professional achievements. A good attitude creates the right environment for collaboration which enables us to accomplish goals effectively. Overall, having a positive mindset has played an important role in each of my jobs and has helped propel me forward towards the next opportunity.

If you weren’t in your current position, what would your next dream job be?

If I wasn’t at the Chamber, I think my dream job would definitely be serving as either a judge or a partner at a law firm. Over the past couple of years, I have held internships with the Middlesex and Worcester District Attorney’s Offices and have been exposed to various trials and court proceedings, all of which has deeply interested me.

For years I had planned to attend law school immediately following graduation. However during my senior year, I decided that it might be best to take a break from school and gain some professional experience, which is how I came across the Chamber! Though my dream job is still attainable at this stage, my new role at the Chamber has opened my eyes to the world of business and business development, which is a field where I can definitely see myself staying and forming a career out of.

When you’re not working, what activities do you enjoy?

In my free time, I love skiing, traveling, going for walks, and spending time outside with my friends and family. I just recently came back from a post-graduation trip to Las Vegas with my best friend, where we road tripped to California, Arizona, and Utah to see different national parks. I found myself catching a bit of a travel bug so now I am planning a camping and hiking trip to the summit of Mt. Katahdin in Maine, which is the start/end point of the Appalachian Trail!

On a day to day basis, I also love spending time with my dog, Doug, who absolutely loves going for walks and exploring the neighborhood.

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