From Grassroots to Growth: Meet Jeff Lang of Elite Football Academy

May 8, 2024  | 

We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Jeff Lang, Co-Founder of Elite Football Academy, to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey and the organization’s mission. From grassroots beginnings to its current status as a premier football training program, Elite Football Academy has a story worth sharing. Jeff provided insights into how he and his childhood friends brought their vision to life, some notable successes, and their game plan for the future.

MBN: Can you share the founding story of Elite Football Academy and what inspired its creation?

Jeff Lang: Elite Football Academy was born out of our shared passion for football and a desire to provide local youth athletes with access to quality training in the game of football. Growing up in Weymouth, my co-founders, Tom & Gary Walsh (twin brothers), and I faced challenges finding nearby football camps and clinics. We wanted to change that by establishing a local, South Shore of Massachusetts-based football training program that improves speed, quickness, agility and overall fundamentals of the game.

MBN: How has Elite Football Academy evolved since its inception in 2012?

Jeff Lang: Since our inaugural summer camp in 2012, Elite Football Academy has experienced remarkable growth. What started with 50 athletes from 15 towns and 9 coaches on staff has since expanded to over 500+ athletes annually in our winter, spring and summer programs combined and over 50 towns / programs annually along with 50+ coaches on staff. We’ve also broadened our offerings to include June clinics and most recently partnered with Union Point Sports Complex (located in Weymouth, MA) by kicking off our inaugural flag football league called the South Shore Flag Football League (SSFFL).

MBN: What sets Elite Football Academy apart from other football programs?

Jeff Lang: At Elite Football Academy, we are deeply committed to maximizing the potential of our athletes. We invest heavily in top-notch coaching staff, equipment, and facilities to ensure a high-quality experience. Our focus extends beyond football skills to encompass overall athletic development, character building and ensuring these young athletes apply themselves in both school and their community.

MBN: What’s one challenge you’ve faced as a business owner, and how have you overcome it?

Jeff Lang: Some challenges have been keeping up with the newest techniques being taught at high school, college and even professional levels. The fundamentals have always stayed consistent but the new ways of training and developmental growth for each individual athlete is different—and our ability to recognize that is what I believe sets us apart from our competition. The game is always looking for ways to be safer both on and off the field, and we try to take all the necessary steps to be in line with those teachings.

MBN: Could you highlight some of Elite Football Academy’s notable successes, both on and off the field?

Jeff Lang: Our proudest moments stem from the achievements of our athletes. Many have gone on to win championships at the youth and high school levels, while others have secured spots in collegiate football programs across all divisions. Additionally, we’ve had the privilege of hosting esteemed guest speakers from collegiate to professional ranks, enriching the experiences of our participants and hopefully giving them hope that with hard work and dedication to the sport, they, too, could follow a similar path and have similar types of success.

MBN: What are the future plans and vision for Elite Football Academy?

Jeff Lang: Looking ahead, Tom, Gary, and I are committed to expanding our offerings to provide year-round training opportunities for aspiring athletes. We’re exploring the development of weekday training sessions and additional programming during the month of June to ensure continuity and relevance. Our goal is to continue empowering young athletes to reach their full potential both on and off the field.

The journey of Elite Football Academy epitomizes the power of passion, dedication, and community. As they continue to pave the way for local youth in the realm of athletics, their story serves as a testament to the impact of pursuing one’s dreams with unwavering commitment.

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