Ashley Mason MBN Podcast

Episode 1: Ashley Mason

EP 1 with Ashley Mason from November 15, 2022

Ashley Mason is the founder of Massachusetts Business Network and the Middleboro-based marketing agency, Dash of Social. Ashley started her business as a college student and took it full-time upon graduating. Through her success, she realized there were two things that largely contributed to it: her knack for marketing and her ability to seamlessly build relationships and connect with others. She genuinely enjoys finding ways to introduce one person to another when the opportunity presents itself and loves when she has that “I need to connect you to so-and-so!” moment.

Determined to find a way for other business owners to achieve those same results, the idea for Massachusetts Business Network was born, creating the perfect recipe for helping organizations to expand their audience and establish thought leadership.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • What Right Here in Mass, our podcast, is
  • Ashley’s marketing background and her passion for starting Massachusetts Business Network
  • How you, as a business owner or professional, can take advantage of what Massachusetts Business Network has to offer

And so much more. Tune in as Ashley shares how Massachusetts Business Network is here to support individuals and organizations of all different backgrounds, industries, and experiences throughout the Bay State.

Access a full copy of this episode’s transcript here.

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