Michelle Keefe and Reem Papageorgiou

Episode 15: Michelle Keefe and Reem Papageorgiou

EP 15 with Michelle Keefe and Reem Papageorgiou from February 9, 2023

Michelle Keefe, CEO, and Reem Papageorgiou, CTO, are the Co-Founders of MomUp, a mission-based recruitment firm that is bringing humanity back into hiring. MomUp partners with organizations that recognize and value the contributions of working parents and connect these employers with their incredible network of talent, working with their customers to build a better and more inclusive workplace.

Entrepreneurship is old hat for Michelle – having successfully run and sold her first business, Misha K, before the age of 30. She now leads MomUp in its quest to connect organizations with the amazing resource of mothers. As a stay at home mom, Michelle discovered, like many of her friends, she wanted to continue her career path with businesses who value work/life balance. Michelle found herself surrounded by highly educated, skilled, energetic multi-tasking mega stars that were unemployed and looking for new and exciting challenges. She realized that by forging partnerships with progressive companies and connecting them with skilled talent MomUp could make a huge impact.

Michelle holds a graduate degree from Harvard University and an undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Reem’s superpower is people. Having emigrated from Lebanon at a young age, she learned to navigate the challenges of a new world quickly and her love of the intersection of culture and humanity was born. With her expertise in training and development, Reem spearheads the team that optimizes the process for connecting job seekers to well matched organizations. Her ability to assess and coach individuals is the secret sauce to her success. Reem’s belief in harnessing the strengths and assets of moms led her to co-found MomUp.

Reem received a dual Master’s degree in Social Work and Public Health from Boston University. Following her social work career, Reem worked as both an intercultural trainer and training consultant to non and for profit businesses, health care organizations and municipalities. She is skilled in training and development including leadership coaching and has extensive experience in research and consultation. Reem has published several articles centered around workplace development and company culture and is a well-known public speaker centered around the power of moms.

When Reem takes a break from being a mom, she dreams of traveling the world and discovering a solution to the nightly demand for dinner.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Michelle and Reem’s unique backgrounds, not related to recruiting, that influenced them to start MomUp
  • Their focus on leveraging an untapped resource — moms
  • How being co-founders has built a strong relationship and company
  • Being able to manage a huge network and continuously nurture it
  • The importance of flexible work options as well as inclusivity and diversity in the workplace
  • Tips for anyone who’s looking to make a career change
  • Tips for anyone who’s looking to hire new employees

And more. Tune in to learn about the wealth of knowledge that Michelle and Reem bring to the table in terms of recruiting.

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