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Episode 2: Kamaal Jarrett

EP 2 with Kamaal Jarrett from November 15, 2022

Kamaal Jarrett is the founder of the hot sauce and marinade company Hillside Harvest. Kamaal immigrated to Boston at age 3 from Jamaica, and he grew up fusing together the flavors of the Caribbean with that of traditional American cuisine. As his passion for food grew, so did his desire to build a business that could seamlessly blend the two cultures through deliciously balanced offerings, and thus Hillside Harvest began.

During this episode, we chat about:

  • His upbringing and love of food that led to the creation of Hillside Harvest
  • How he got started with farmers markets and determined which ones were worth his time
  • The food product community in Boston
  • Kamaal’s process for getting his products sold in local stores
  • Advice he would give to someone starting a product-based business in Massachusetts

And so much more. Tune into the episode now.

Access a full copy of this episode’s transcript here.

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