Chris Howland

Episode 24: Chris Howland

EP 24 with Chris Howland from April 13, 2023

Christopher Howland is the Director of Purchasing, Logistics & Special Events at UMass Dining. He began his career at the University of Massachusetts during his senior year working in the Purchasing department as a staff assistant. He was able to work his way up to Director of Purchasing and now oversees the procurement operation for all of Auxiliary Enterprises and its yearly budget of over 33 million dollars.

Throughout his tenure at the University, Christopher has developed a strong rapport with local farmers and suppliers continuing the department’s strong tradition of local sourcing and outreach. In addition, he manages all marketing initiatives for Auxiliary Enterprises and its associated brands including its strongest and most influential brand, UMass Dining.

Great storytelling is one of the most critical elements to any marketing department’s success and at UMass this is no different. Together with his creative team, Christopher focuses on the successes within Auxiliary Enterprises to focus further attention on the great things that are happening at the University. Through compelling storytelling and a great customer experience, UMass Dining has grown to become one of the most recognized and admired College and University Dining Program in America.

Christopher is an alumnus of the University of Massachusetts twice over with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science (2003) and a Masters in Business Administration (2008). He resides in Auburn with his wife (also a graduate of UMass Amherst) and their 4 year old daughter.

During this episode, we talk about:

  • Chris’ extensive career at UMass Dining
  • How he got into purchasing when originally being an Animal Science major
  • His favorite part about his role
  • How UMass Dining can accommodate students with allergies or other dietary restrictions
  • Ensuring food security for students
  • How UMass Dining has consulted for public school systems and other universities
  • The food trucks and food trailers on campus
  • Popular meal options

And more. Listen to this episode to learn more about Chris and the outstanding work of the UMass Dining team.

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