Sonya Highfield MBN Podcast

Episode 25: Sonya Highfield

EP 25 with Sonya Highfield from April 20, 2023

Sonya Highfield is the Wealth Expansion Coach for creative entrepreneurs who want to expand their abundance and well-being holistically and strategically. She offers powerful intuitive guidance alongside business and mindset coaching, to give clients the most supportive approach to reaching their goals and being happy humans.

During this episode, we discuss:

  • Sonya’s transition from being a commercial photographer to becoming a coach
  • How her bad experience with a coach showed her how to be a good coach
  • Her advice for finding the right coach and getting past the “skepticism” of the industry as a coach
  • The connection between business and mindset, in addition to strategy
  • Sonya’s top resources and tactics for improving your mindset
  • How to set your prices for a product or service you’re offering
  • Her recommendation for raising your prices in a way that feels good
  • The self-care routines she follows and boundaries she sets to ensure her success and energy as a business owner

Listen to this episode to learn more about Sonya and her expertise for helping creative entrepreneurs to expand their wealth.

Access the full transcript here.

Watch the episode on YouTube here.

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