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Episode 28: Dan Fantasia

EP 28 with Dan Fantasia from May 11, 2023

Dan Fantasia has been in the field of sales recruiting since 1997 and founded Treeline in 2001. His exclusive focus on helping companies build world-class, elite sales teams has helped to change the lives of over 3,300 sales professionals. Dan has built a deep knowledge of what it takes to build and grow a top-producing business. As a proven sales leader and innovator, Fantasia has created a positively charged culture that promotes the good in every person, resulting in a team that has developed best-in-practice methodologies and technology that continues to revolutionize the industry.

Dan’s leadership helped the newly formed Treeline navigate uncertain times in the months following September 11, 2001, and under his guidance, sustained the business through both the great recession as well as helped Treeline thrive throughout the Covid pandemic. While Dan Fantasia’s passion and positive approach to business is what sets him apart from other leaders, his ability to identify opportunities in challenging times has established his business acumen and his reputation in the industry.

During this episode, we discuss:

  • How Dan started Treeline
  • What it was like building a business after going through 9/11
  • Treeline’s specialty with building elite sales teams specifically
  • The process Treeline executes when helping is clients find candidates
  • How Dan built his book of business over the past 22 years
  • Tips for using LinkedIn to find a new position
  • Tips for using LinkedIn to find a candidate
  • How a recruiting agency can support an internal HR department
  • Advice for moving forward after getting laid off
  • How to keep track of all of the professionals you reach out to
  • Dan’s story behind starting Treeline
  • His advice for anyone looking to get into recruiting

And more. Tune in to learn about all things recruiting and landing a new position you love.

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