David Tourtillott

Episode 4: David Tourtillott

EP 4 with David Tourtillott from November 24, 2022

David Tourtillott is one of only 190 CRMPs® (Certified Reverse Mortgage Professionals) nationwide and has been educating retirees on all aspects of Reverse Mortgages since 2005. He specializes exclusively in reverse mortgage finance and is passionate about educating retirees on the many applications this unique financial tool can offer. David currently resides in Scituate, MA with his wife and their daughter. Outside of work, David enjoys sports, outdoor activities, working out and most importantly, spending time with his family.

In this episode, we explore:

  • What made Dave want to focus on reverse mortgages instead of traditional forward mortgages
  • How being one of only a handful of CRMPs in Massachusetts is a benefit to Dave and his clients
  • His extensive process for building his referral network
  • The process of starting a career as a CRMP
  • Dave’s favorite parts about living in Scituate

And so much more. Tune into the episode now.

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