Nina Mendoza

Episode 53: Nina Mendoza

EP 53 with Nina Mendoza from November 2, 2023

Nina Lee Mendoza, M.A.T. obtained her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Political Science from Lesley University. She also earned her license in Elementary Education and an endorsement in Sheltered English Immersion. She went on to teach in Fall River Public Schools for 3 years where she learned that she truly thrived when working in small groups of students and 1-on-1 with learners. While teaching, Nina completed her Masters of Arts in Teaching from UMASS Dartmouth. During her coursework, Nina focused on upper elementary and middle school math and science. She created a learning strategy and had her class of 5th graders and some sophomores at the high school self- assess their math skills. At the end of the study, 100% of student participants saw an increase in their math scores! Having reflected on that experience, and enjoying small groups and 1-on-1 interactions the most, Nina started 2Plus2 Tutoring.

During this episode, we chat about:

  • How Nina knew she wanted to be a teacher
  • Why double majoring in political science and college was beneficial to her
  • What made her realize she wanted to transition out of teaching
  • How she got the idea for 2Plus2 Tutoring
  • Her process for balancing both her full-time job and tutoring
  • When she knew it was time to work for herself full-time
  • How her tutoring center came about
  • Her process for growing the 2Plus2 team
  • Her partnerships with Chambers of Commerce and other organizations

And more. Tune into this episode as we discuss all things tutoring, education, and pursuing your passion.

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