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Episode 54: Jeff DeSocio

EP 54 with Jeff DeSocio from November 9, 2023

Jeff DeSocio is an accomplished Information Technology & Marketing Executive with over 25 years of technology experience, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Jeff is also an entrepreneur, avid connector, marketer, and founder of one of Greater Boston’s most successful professional networking organizations, Mass Professional Networking. He recently pivoted his career in 2022 to become a successful Managing Director of Technology at an executive search firm, integrating his vast technology management, organizational knowledge, and networking to help hyper growth organizations connect with talented professionals. Jeffrey is also the owner of AIMC Business Solutions, a leading digital marketing and IT firm.

During this episode, we chat about:

  • The several businesses and career that Jeff juggles
  • How he manages his time with everything
  • What made him want to pursue information technology and marketing
  • His inspiration for starting AIMC Business Solutions
  • His fluid and flexible working schedule
  • Why he started Mass Professional Networking
  • His advice for anyone new to networking
  • How to nurture connections after meeting people

And more. Tune into this episode as we discuss all things networking, entrepreneurship, and supporting one another.

Access the full transcript here.

Watch the episode on YouTube here.

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