Ludwig Jean-Louis

Episode 6: Ludwig Jean-Louis

EP 6 with Ludwig Jean-Louis from December 8, 2022

Ludwig Jean-Louis is the owner of Cravins Ice Cream in Pittsfield, which he recently purchased just a few months ago. Having lived in the Berkshires since 2005, Ludwig is an integral member of the community and helps to satisfy any resident with a sweet tooth.

During our conversation, Ludwig and I cover:

  • His journey to purchasing Cravins, starting with his experience of working in multiple ice cream shops and pizza stores before
  • Ludwig’s goal to own multiple businesses
  • How he manages running a few properties in between running Cravins
  • His decision to purchase a previously owned business instead of starting from scratch
  • How a big press feature greatly benefitted his business
  • What he enjoys the most about about the business community in the Berkshires

Listen to this episode to learn more about him.

Access the full transcript here.

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