Mark Mahoney

Episode 62: Mark Mahoney

EP 62 with Mark Mahoney from January 4, 2024

Mark Mahoney is the co-founder of The Drinkable Company and an accomplished serial beverage entrepreneur with nearly four decades of experience. Mark has served in multiple roles and capacities for his own Food Service brands, from national brands such as Aloha Frozen Drinks and Maui Beverages to Powell & Mahoney Craft cocktails and Atomic Coffee Roasters, and his most recent venture with Atomic Black Espresso Martini. He has helped countless brands launch through his ownership in Vermont Bottling company and has been involved with over 50 food and beverage brands during his career.

During this episode, we discuss:

  • Mark’s personal story that inspired him to start The Drinkable Company
  • The incredible growth that The Drinkable Company has experienced
  • How beverages with THC may provide remarkable health benefits
  • What influenced Mark to get into the beverage industry overall
  • How he juggles his several ventures
  • Where he sees himself going with his company next
  • Mark’s advice for anyone looking to get into the beverage industry

And more. Tune in as we discuss all things beverages and running product-based companies.

Access the full transcript here.

Watch the episode on YouTube here.

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