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Episode 64: Dylan Steven

EP 64 with Dylan Steven from January 18, 2024

Dylan Steven started his first marketing business, Saddleback Solutions, when he was 21. After successfully getting acquired by 118Group in 2017, Dylan gradually took over as the new CEO of 118Group in 2020 and has since been at the helm, steering the ship.

When not working (or thinking about work), Dylan spends his time with his two dogs, practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or training for endurance races.

During this episode, we chat about:

  • How Dylan dropping out of college, working in a bakery, and offering to redo the bakery’s website led him to finding his passion for web design
  • What steps he took to take that from a passion to a business
  • The process of getting his company acquired
  • How he transitioned into a leadership role in a new company
  • The importance of hustle when you’re just starting a business
  • Growing your business without taking more of your time
  • Advice for business owners looking to improve their websites
  • How his podcast has supported his career

And more. Tune into this episode as we talk about all things websites, entrepreneurship, and learning along the way.

Access the full transcript here.

Watch the episode on YouTube here.

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