Jesse Setaro

Episode 74: Jesse Setaro

EP 74 with Jesse Setaro from March 28, 2024

Jesse Setaro is a personal trainer and small business owner who spent 16 years in the foster care system. Last year, he founded Project F, a mentoring program for at-risk youth in circumstances like those he faced as a child.

During this episode, we chat about:

  • How Jesse’s own story inspired him to start Project F
  • What he learned from his mentor growing up
  • The staggering statistics of outcomes for youth in the foster care system
  • How he decided to focus on fitness and mentorship for his nonprofit
  • The direct impact that fitness has on youth
  • Examples of youth that Project F has benefitted
  • Jesse’s advocacy work for reform in the system
  • How people can get involved with and support Project F

And more. Tune into this episode as we dive into using fitness and mentorship to provide better support to children in foster care.

Access the full transcript here.

Watch the episode on YouTube here.

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