Jess Pelletier

Episode 75: Jess Pelletier

EP 75 with Jess Pelletier from April 4, 2024

Jessica Pelletier is the Executive Director of FitMoney. She brings extensive non-profit management, strategic planning and fundraising experience to FitMoney with over 20 years growing non-profit, private and political organizations.

In her previous role as Co-National Director at Right to Play, she worked to implement play-based educational standards in disadvantaged communities around the world, traveling on several occasions to Africa to experience firsthand the benefits of accessible education for all.

She is a long-time youth and educational advocate and promises further expansion of financial literacy across the country, especially focusing on positive financial behaviors starting as early as kindergarten, which led to the launch of FitMoney.

FitMoney and Jessica reach a critical and niche audience in the finance world – kids! Day-to-day, and classroom-to-classroom, Jessica and her team are involved directly with educators and students across the country, providing one of the few subjects that kids actually WANT to learn: financial literacy. The future of finance is in the next generation, and that’s exactly who FitMoney works with every day.

FitMoney will be the best advocate in ensuring our leaders of tomorrow have the financial confidence and competence to make healthy financial decisions affecting them, their families and communities. FitMoney matches the ever-evolving educational landscape with a focus on reaching all students where they are learning. By providing free and accessible lessons for all, FitMoney has a unique ability to advocate for underrepresented communities whether they are learning in classrooms, after-school organizations or homeschools.

Through partnerships, FitMoney is rapidly growing. Now engaging and reaching thousands of students, FitMoney is becoming a leading voice for career-readiness and development.

During this episode, we talk about:

  • What FitMoney is
  • The story and mission behind starting FitMoney
  • Why it’s so important to have financial literacy at a young age
  • Success stories that have come out of FitMoney
  • The types of topics FitMoney teaches
  • How schools can incorporate FitMoney into their curriculum
  • Undoing negative thought patterns and money behaviors
  • Partnerships that have provided equitable access to FitMoney
  • How FitMoney can benefit parents and families as well
  • Making money less of a “taboo” topic and subject

And more. Tune into this episode as we dive into the importance of learning about money and finance at a young age.

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  • Advocates like Jessica and organizations like Fit Money are major lynchpins in the education ecosystem to assure that we educate our students for the world in which they will live and work!


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