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Episode 87: Misty Lynch

EP 87 with Misty Lynch from June 27, 2024

Misty Lynch, CFP® is a personal finance expert and the Owner and CEO of Sound View Financial Advisors, LLC. Misty hosts the unscripted reality show HEARTBROKE and the Demystifying Money podcast. She is also the author of the DEMYSTIFYING MONEY book and a personal finance expert and resource for media outlets including The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, CNBC, CNN, Investopedia, Real Simple, Student Loan Hero, and many others.

Investopedia named her one of the Top 100 Financial Advisors in 2021 and US News and World Report called her one of the 9 Women in Finance to Follow “because sometimes you need life advice, not just financial advice.”

When she isn’t working, you can find her reading mysteries, skiing on the East Coast, or coaching her kids’ basketball and field hockey teams.

During this episode, we chat about:

  • How Misty supports business owners with their finances
  • The role that mindset and learned behaviors / beliefs play in finance
  • How people can make a better profit in their business
  • What to keep in mind when it comes to retirement planning
  • How Misty started her company
  • The option of selling a business to retire / buying a business to grow your company

And more. Tune into this episode as we dive into all things personal finance!

Access the full transcript here.

Watch the episode on YouTube here.

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