The Power of a BBB Business Profile

April 29, 2024  | 

Ever wondered why so many businesses have that iconic BBB seal on their websites and storefronts? It’s not just about the snazzy seal (though it is pretty cool). Having a BBB Business Profile is like wearing a badge of trustworthiness in the sometimes wild, wild west of the marketplace. Let me break it down for you:

Why a BBB Business Profile Rocks, Even Without That Fancy Accreditation

  • Street Cred, Baby! Imagine the BBB as the Yelp of good business vibes. People actively seek out businesses with BBB Business Profiles because they know someone’s got their back. We’re talking about consumer trust, and that’s worth its weight in gold.
  • The “Get to Know Me” for Businesses: Think of your BBB Business Profile as your online resume. It’s a place to showcase your stellar services, business info, maybe even throw in some photos of that adorable office dog that everyone loves.
  • Hello, Feedback! Reviews are today’s currency. A BBB Business Profile lets customers share their experiences, both the good and the “hmm, could be better.” Handling feedback with transparency shows you care about making things right. That earns major points with customers.
  • Free? You Had Me at FREE! Yep, setting up a basic BBB Business Profile is absolutely free. It’s basically a no-brainer for building visibility and establishing your rep as a legit player.

Okay, okay, you’ve got me intrigued. But what about that whole Accreditation thing?

Accreditation is the next level of BBB love. It’s a commitment, like putting a ring on it with the standards of good business practices. Think of it as the ultimate validation of trustworthiness – and customers notice! But even without it, a BBB Business Profile is seriously worthwhile. Accreditation helps grow your business, giving you that extra boost to reach new heights. Ready to level up? Start your application today!

Bottom Line

In a world overflowing with businesses, stand out from the crowd with that BBB seal of approval, even in its most basic form. It shows you’re not messing around when it comes to building a solid, trustworthy reputation. And in the game of business, trust is everything!

This is a contributed post by Paula Fleming, CMO of the Better Business Bureau in Eastern MA, ME, RI & VT. Please fill out our contact form if you’re interested in contributing a guest blog to Massachusetts Business Network.

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