Yarmouth Native and Veteran Debuts Book About War in Afghanistan

June 14, 2024  | 

YARMOUTH, MA Andrew Coville, Cape Cod native and Marine Corps veteran, is proud to announce the release of his debut publication, Summer 2009, A Journey of Self-Discovery Amidst the Afghanistan War. This poignant memoir chronicles his harrowing experiences fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan and offers an intimate glimpse into the realities of modern warfare.

Andrew served in the Marine Corps with the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion from 2006 to 2010. Following his enlistment in the Marine Corps, he transitioned into law enforcement and has been serving in that capacity for over twelve years. The War in Afghanistan endured for twenty years, witnessing the repeated deployment of an all-volunteer military generation. This narrative unfolds the experiences of one young Marine who played a small role in that prolonged conflict. It delves into the firsthand account on the ground level, navigating emotions of excitement, fear, confusion and loss of his dear friend and fellow cape native Nick Xiarhos all at the age of 21. This work, while not a traditional memoir, serves as a snapshot into the summer of 2009, illustrating how specific life events can profoundly shape one’s trajectory. It further examines the evolution of the context surrounding these events as perspectives on life shift.

“Writing Summer 2009 and revisiting my journal entries while deployed in Afghanistan was a deep personal journey for me,” says Andrew Coville. “It was important for me to share not only the adrenaline-fueled moments of combat but also the quieter, more introspective moments that shape a Marine’s experience. My hope is that my story will shed light on the sacrifices made by all those who serve, and inspire readers to honor the brave men and women who defend our freedom.”

Summer 2009 is a captivating firsthand account that takes readers on a compelling journey through the trials and triumphs of combat. From intense firefights in the rugged terrain of the Afghan deserts to moments of camaraderie and sacrifice among fellow Marines, Coville shares his unfiltered perspective with raw honesty and unwavering courage. As a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, Coville offers a unique insight into the complexities of war and the toll it takes on the human spirit. Through vivid prose and vivid storytelling, he invites readers to walk alongside him as he confronts the harsh realities of combat and grapples with the profound moral and emotional challenges that come with serving on the front lines.

For more information, please visit www.andrewcoville.com. Books are available in hardcover, paperback and on kindle by visiting Amazon and also available as an audiobook at Awesound.

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